Remember the Jetsons and their future predictions? According to those predictions we should be traveling in flying cars, working three days a week, and living in sky houses. However, several movies and TV series show their own alternate future with robots replacing or taking over humanity.

Predicting what happens next is always the most fascinating and concerning aspect for humans. But with the expansion of technology, we view a different future through data. Data provides more visibility into what could happen next and improve our chances to grow continuously. However, we forget that the “bad guys” are behind in every aspect as technology moves us ahead.

Preventing their malicious intent is ensured with early security as roadblocks for the cyber-criminals. So, they don’t disrupt our organizational future that holds opportunities and seamless growth. Protecting our digital future starts with the overall threat assessment that should continue to evolve. Read on to see our key cybersecurity predictions for 2023 and how it affects the state of your organization.


Identity Attacks

Organizations will keep struggling with identity and authentication attacks as criminals utilize more sophisticated methods. With new tools, criminals can impersonate almost anyone or purchase credentials on the black market.

Therefore, corporations will be pushed to take extra measures to help secure the digital journey of consumers and enterprises. Organizations can lose credibility and significant revenue if proper measures aren’t utilized.

Speed of innovation to defend against malicious attackers carries great importance that requires thoughtful and strategic insight into evolving identity attacks. Ransomware is placed second with identity and authentication attacks taking the first place starting this year. You can look at the headlines to discover that the most advanced techniques first compromise the individual’s identity. It shows the importance to protect identity and ensure security from a fraudulent attack.

Identity Attack


Pull up the cybersecurity news on a search engine and you will get the beat of latest ransomware attacks. The attacks are happening on each given day or week. It tells a lot about the weak defenses of the corporate sector that provide opportunities to cyber criminals. However, custom ransomware attacks are being prepared to specifically target a certain technology stack. Tech news speaks about the multinational companies exposed to such malpractices that are causing prolonged outages.

Businesses must cover their core services by establishing comprehensive methods to detect and protect their organizations. Companies must address all critical threats by securing their digital environment, recovering and backup from constant breaches, and establishing assurance plans for security and compliance.


Phishing Attack

We can expect to see more phishing attacks with one-time passwords or SMS. Websites and applications will have to incorporate pass-keys to ensure the security of their vulnerable company assets. Therefore, we may see a lot of companies, developers, and users adopting the passkey as a solution to protect themselves from phishing attacks. Enabling passkeys goes beyond the usual password management and account security.

In a hybrid working environment, pass-keys will be a critical aspect to secure web browsers and online searches. So, malicious attackers don’t catch up to your trail, when you are surfing online. However, demand for cybersecurity talent will continue to increase for all private and public organizations. Talent will be a necessary component to abridge the skill gap.

Phishing Attack


Data Breach

Organizations may also see a surge of data breaches that leverage secret question fields along with re-used passwords. Birth date, SSN, home address, and other critical information could be at a potential risk of discovery by cyber criminals. Organizations may need stronger security features to protect consumer information on their platforms. Moreover, new policies are also required to restrict the usage of their platforms by underage children. Often children use their parent’s credit cards to pay strangers on legit or non-legit platforms.

It seems that organizations have to enable a simple age verification factor to ensure their visitor’s proper age. Companies must adhere to sophisticated measures like passkeys and federated identity to secure their revenue and credibility. Adding these strong features will ensure convenience for users and stronger mechanisms.

Data Breach

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Man-in-the-Middle cyber-attack is an evolving threat to organizations. It’s two-way communication, where malicious attackers eavesdrop on the conversations between clients and hosts. Data is stolen or manipulated by hackers to use for their malicious intent.

Highly sensitive information can be used to blackmail or harbor further challenges for companies. Once a reputable or financially stable company may start moving downstream as data goes to the dirty hands. It’s important for organizations to secure their networks and endpoints, so threats don’t swim in the middle of their growth-enabled enterprises.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack


With technological trends evolving at a rapid pace each year, organizations must adhere to new standards for securing their digital future. Stopping cyberattacks is a constant struggle each year due to the shortage of the right cyber talent and mitigating the risks of sophisticated threats. Therefore, companies need to evolve against the challenges by ensuring correct measures. So, customers and businesses are enabled with a secured digital future.

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